Key reasons for choosing GUMU™ integration for Sage X3 – Sage CRM over Sage CRM connector for Sage X3

By | March 1, 2017

Today’s business environment demands faster managerial decisions by holistic visualization of your enterprise information. As businesses are slowly expanding in the global space, companies from SMEs to large enterprises are opting for integrated solutions like ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management System & Human Capital Management system for simplifying their front office and back office operations – boosting efficiency, productivity and reliability.

However, business solutions with their complex and contrasting architectures make it difficult to streamline integration. To bring in seamless connectivity and automate business processes, Greytrix brings to your enterprises GUMU™ connector – that provides a dynamic ability to connect powerful solutions such as Salesforce, Sage ERP & Magento in a unique way.

GUMU™ integration for Sage X3 – Sage CRM

GUMU™ – a robust connector with technological enhancements, is specifically designed by Greytrix Integration experts to facilitate Sage ERP- Sage CRM integration. With over 21+ years of experience, our integration specialists have assisted in achieving maximum functionality and ROI using GUMU™ connector. The connector allows bi-directional integration between any ERP & CRM entities such as Quotes, Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Items etc. providing real-time and bi-directional information across the organization.

Check Demo: GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM with Sage X3

Key Differentiators between GUMU™ integration for Sage CRM with Sage X3 ERP & Sage CRM Connector for Sage X3 Integration:

Based on Configuration, Features, and Customizations, GUMU™ integration for Sage CRM with Sage X3 can be differentiated from Sage integration as follows:

Features     Sage Integration   GUMU™ Integration
Configuration in Sage X3 Webservices creation and setup needs to be configured manually. Webservices creation & setup configured through patches.
Configuration from Sage CRM side User needs to change configuration files using file editor and knowledge about the changes effect. User can maintain configuration and setup easily through Standard Sage CRM UI.
Import Customers Needs to Sync all customers every time. Provide the user with Filter criteria’s for importing/updating specific records.
Scheduling Import Customer Scheduling available. Can be available on request
Sales Rep mapping with Sage CRM User Mapping available. Can be available on request
Import Product Feature Products sync features not available in Sage connector, it displays products details on real time basis. Products are synced in Sage CRM to be used on Orders & Quotes screen and use ERP business logic in Sage CRM.
Real-time Customer changes from Sage X3 to Sage CRM  Not available User can update customer info, address and contacts from Sage X3 to Sage CRM on real time basis
Link a Sage X3 ERP customer with existing Sage CRM company  Not available User can link existing Sage CRM company with an unlinked ERP customer
Unlink a Customer  Not available User can unlink a customer in case he doesn’t want to track the changes for the record.
Multiple Folder Configuration  Not available Multiple Sage X3 folder can be linked with single Sage CRM instance
Promote Customer There is NO option to select Sage X3 mandatory values records promoted with default values which are not user selectable. User can browse through an UI where he can fill/select All mandatory fields for Sage X3 promotion.
Update Customer from Sage CRM to Sage X3 The values for the Company record on Summary screen does not gets reflected in ERP leading to inconsistency of data. Changes are reflected back to the systems in a real-time basis, thus maintaining the consistency in the data.
Promote Order Orders are created from separate “Sage X3″ tab and are not linked to a Sage CRM opportunity. User can follow standard Opportunity workflow for creating Order and promote the records to Sage X3 maintaining the link b/w the two.
 Sage ERP’s Orders created in Sage CRM database are not available for analytics purpose in Sage CRM.  Orders promoted to Sage X3 are available in Sage CRM for analytical purposes.
Promote Quote Quotes are created on the fly. Quotes are not saved in Sage CRM database. Quotes are promoted to Sage X3. As well as are available in Sage CRM for analytical purposes.
Real-time Product Pricing After selecting a customer and product record on order user needs to enter pricing manually. No default information loaded. Default values for Pricing/Quantity to be Ordered are loaded and updated based on ERP’s business logic on changes to the field values that affect the pricing such as Date, Quantity etc.
Product Filter on Orders/Quotes Not available Products in details screen is filtered as per site selected in the header section of Order/Quote.
Sage X3 Work Order User can view a list of Work Orders from Sage CRM and can Edit/Update from Sage CRM on the fly. Can be available on request
Customizable Though the integration is customizable, it’s a complex architecture in ASP pages attracts a lot of time & money by Sage Development Partner. This integration is easily customizable and the charges for the customization are minimal due to the known architecture by Greytrix.

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Don’t miss the Demo on how GUMU™ connector integrates your Sage CRM – Sage X3.