How to Track Salary Raise in Sage X3 People

By | October 16, 2018

Sage X3 People has a standard functionality to track the salary changes over a period of time. The function allows seeing the salary trend over a period of time which helps to keep a track of salary for any employee

Navigate to Development  Local Menu-messages

sage enterprise management salary trends

To set up salary tracking using standard functionality, below are the steps to follow

  • Step 1:
    Navigate to Setup  General Parameters  PAY Payroll – General parameters  Select Folder  EVO

salary tracking Sage x3

  • Step 2:
    Link the RUBSAL and VARSAL parameters to the applicable salary heading, e.g. SALARY.
  • Step 3:
    1. Manual inputs need to be done (Basic Salary increased) in employee payslip for the variable mapped in parameter value (VARSAL)
    2. Process the payslip

a. Step 3.1
After salary  increases have been given to the employees, the History extraction must be performed
Navigate to Personnel administration  Personnel data forms History extraction

history transactions sage enterprise management

  • Step 4:
    On the Total extraction screen:
    1. Select the required criteria.
    2. Specify the applicable payroll period: Payroll start and end dates.
    3. Flag Salary trend.

tracking salary raise sage em

  • Step 5:
    To view the salary trend
    Navigate to Personnel administration  Personnel data forms  Employment contracts → Payroll Tab

salary trend sage enterprise management