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How to enable the attachment for Expenses and Leave

Go to Administration function within the portal the put ADDPJ as “True”. For expenses After that, you will be able to attach document if you have save you document as a draft. About Us: Greytrix Africa– Sage Premier Gold Development Partner is a one-stop solution provider for all your Sage ERP and Sage CRM needs.… Read More »

Converting challenges into opportunities for your Manufacturing industries with Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3)

The growth of industrialization and manufacturing production remains an essential part of Africa’s economic transformation. Manufacturing being among the top three multiplier sectors in terms of value addition, job creation and revenue generation contributes to about 15% of the GDP to the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. Manufacturing sector traditionally… Read More »

Experience world-class Sage X3 services in East Africa

East African region – a union of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda, is a fast growing hub of economic activities. Industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, financial services are the predominant GDP contributors in the region. Due to fast economic growth technology is making equally fast inroads in African IT ecosystem. While… Read More »

How to avoid clashing between local variable and table column name?

In Sage X3, we may come across the situation where we may be having some variable name declared in the code file and the same variable in table. Sage X3 has special keyword to make differentiation between local variable and the table variable as there can be same name used while declaring the local variable… Read More »