To restrict transactions for defined period in Sage X3

This Function is used to define periods during which a business partner is not open. Such a calendar is defined by a code of 3 characters and this can be entered at the level of the customers, the supplier and the sites. These calendars are used notably: For all the production planning operations as a… Read More »

How to Set Up Matching Tolerance for Purchase Invoice

Sage X3 provides a special functionality called Matching tolerance which allows the user to set up and maintain tolerances especially in purchase module. Steps to set up matching tolerance are as follows: Navigate to:  Setup > Purchasing > Matching tolerances fig. Matching tolerances screen The tolerance codes determine the action that results from a failure… Read More »

How to change the standard screen title?

Have you came across a scenario where you want to change the name of functions like “Orders “to “Sales orders”? Image 1:Module Navigate To:Administrator>Authoring>Menu items Image 2:Module Search “GESSOH”function and Change the menu items titles.After change the function logout the system and login again. Image 3:Menu Items Image 4:Menu Items Now you can check the… Read More »

How to get Sender’s Email Id in mail

You may come across the situation where after triggering workflow you get the mail with all attached details, but the sender’s email id comes as Unknown. To get the email id we can define sender id into the user => Workflow Email Id. Hope this helps!   About Us Greytrix is one stop solution provider… Read More »

Things you need to know about Multi-Currency in Sage X3

How will multi-currency support benefit organizations? Today, businesses are not bound by borders. With globalization and the growing transparency in business operations, organizations are exploring opportunities in the foreign markets. To function exceptional in the global marketplace, businesses need multi-currency support to carry out seamless transactions. Given the complexity in managing multi-currency for different scenarios,… Read More »

How To Find Object Abbreviation of Current screen

In Sage X3 , we have come across a situation where we need to find the Object Abbreviation of the screen. GABREV  is the global  variable which stores the Object Abbreviation of the screen.  Fig. Object Name About Us Greytrix is one stop solution provider for Sage ERP and Sage CRM needs. We provide complete… Read More »

How to find the week number of the date

We came across the requirement where client want to calculate the week number of the date provided for the further calculation. We have Week(date) which will return you the week number  of the provided date. For example: I am running this query on 30/10/2017. Hope this helps.   About Us Greytrix is one stop solution… Read More »

How to display Text in Status Bar Text Box

You may have come across a situation where some text needs to be displayed to user in the textbox of Status Bar at the bottom of screen in Version 65. Syntax: Inftxt c_expr   At case_no Where c_expr: the message/text that needs to be displayed in the status bar. Case_no: the Box number of status bar… Read More »

How to create a new session using code

This blog is a description on how to create a new session using a code. We have already seen how to open the object managed screen via code. If you want to create a new session using a code, please find below the step by step procedure. A keyword called Nap is used for creating… Read More »