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Receipt selection at purchase invoice screen with Provisional Freight charges

Provisional freight charges refer to estimated freight costs that are temporarily assigned to transactions in Sage X3 ERP until actual freight costs are determined. These charges are useful when the exact freight costs cannot be determined at the time of transaction entry.Provisional freight at purchase receipt in Sage X3 ERP involves estimating and recording freight… Read More »

Error:“@X3.TRT/PJMTIMEMP_CSTD_PROPERTIES$adx (994) Error 112 : Non-existent structure member PRGBILNUM” at Project module Time Entry

In Sage X3, the process of entering time for a project involves specifying various details such as the date, task, and the amount of time spent on the project. This can be facilitated through the use of the assignment grid, where tasks assigned to an employee are conveniently displayed at the top, allowing for accurate… Read More »