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Dynamic Row-Column structure report for Quote comparison

In Sage X3, one of the client’s requirements was to have a comparison report for Quotes made by the suppliers for the given RFQ products. This report needed to have a dynamic nature of rows-columns design for which we’ve implemented the use of cross-tab option in Crystal report. New Stuff: Weigh Bridge Integration in Sage… Read More »

How to repeat group header on each page in Crystal Reports

In Sage X3, we had developed one custom report for our client where the detail section continues to the next page of the report but the heading/captions did not get printed on each page as captions were placed on the group header section (please refer below screen shot). One would think that placing the captions… Read More »

Special Fields in Crystal Report prints in different language

In the Sage X3, you have various standard reports for almost every screen which are developed in Crystal Report. Also you can develop your own crystal report as per client need. After printing report, the content in the report gets printed depending on the language setup done in the Sage X3 for the login user.… Read More »

How to print a field once which is repeating in Sage X3 report

In Sage X3, developer has freedom to develop their own reports in Crystal reports as per their client requirement. So we have also developed one of the report in India pack report called as Vendor transaction/Ledger report. This report display all the vendor transactions for selected parameter range. In this report, there is section where… Read More »

How to add Custom Reports to Printer Icon on Customized Window

Report: A report is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific purpose. Crystal Report: Crystal Reports is an application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources. It includes the major features for an application to create database reporting environments, such as data access, report design/formatting, report viewing, and application integration. Crystal Reports… Read More »

Formatting of text using HTML tags for Sage X3 Reports

In Sage X3, every company/site/supplier/customer have their addresses that we fetch from the respective screens to Standard or Custom reports. Normally we create a formula in Crystal Report for address with the required fields and place that formula wherever required. This can be also achieved by using HTML tags in formula. Using this method can… Read More »

How to add Comment Text from transaction screen to the Crystal Report

In Sage X3, user have an option to add comment against every transaction screen on right panel after attachment symbol. In this comment field user can enter an additional information as per the requirements for e.g. description, terms & conditions, declaration, note etc. This comment field is considered as a header comment field which is… Read More »