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How to know current function by its internal number

In Sage X3, GFONCTION returns the name of the current function. Menchoix returns the internal number of that function. “Menchoix” identifies the current function by its internal number. This variable is only used by the supervisor. Whenever you exit menu management via the ONevent ITM_MENU instruction, the menchoix variable is loaded by the function selected.… Read More »

Greytrix Sage CRM – Sage X3 Integration – All info about Trial, versions supported, migration et al

When you think of business systems to handle your front office and back office operations, you might think of a number of pitfalls such as data redundancy, manual data entry, investing time, struggling to have a complete view of your customer information, lack of data visibility, inflexibility to access real time data. This new year… Read More »

Auditing Connections in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 has come up with an interesting feature through which users can now easily monitor or Audit connections in Sage X3. These can be done whenever the AUDIT activity code is activated, the sage software is able to trace all the connections/disconnections to the current folder. These data stored in the ALOGIN table,… Read More »

Sage CRM adds more to your business operations tracking; goes beyond sales & customer relationship management

Pressing need for business systems: With growing businesses and expanding customer base, enterprises face the distinct challenge of balancing agility against scale, streamlining critical processes, understanding prospects, and managing deeper connections. Business systems have evolved considerably over the years and are now more advanced than before. Today, businesses have invested in the infrastructure and technology… Read More »

Converting challenges into opportunities for your Manufacturing industries with Sage X3

The growth of industrialization and manufacturing production remains an essential part of Africa’s economic transformation. Manufacturing being among the top three multiplier sectors in terms of value addition, job creation and revenue generation contributes to about 15% of the GDP to the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. Manufacturing sector traditionally… Read More »

Enable Warehouse Selection in Customer Return Management Screen

If we come across a scenario where we want to enable warehouse selection field in Customer return Management screen then Sage x3 provides a standard functionality to enable the field. Navigate to Sales ->Returns ->Customer returns Steps to enable this functionality: Navigate to Setup ->Organisational Structures->Sites Enable Warehouse Management checkbox under Warehouse Tab Create Warehouses… Read More »