Manual TDS Posting in Greytrix TDS Module for Sage 300 ERP

By | October 6, 2012

Greytrix has developed a module in Sage 300 ERP (Formerly known as Sage Accpac ERP) to handle, withholding tax termed as TDS [Tax Deducted at Source] for Sage Accpac clients in India. Greytrix TDS module for Sage 300 ERP automatically calculates TDS amount on the document and while posting deducts the TDS amount.

Greytrix TDS v2.2 for SAGE 300 ERP

In some cases it happens that the user misses out some of the document from deduction, and as the posting completes it becomes difficult for the user to deduct TDS on the posted document.

Thus to overcome this, we have added an enhancement i.e. “Manual TDS Posting” in Greytrix TDS module for all the editions of Sage 300 ERP. It is a utility designed to handle entries, which missed to hit TDS Register while deduction. Using this module, one can makethose missing entries hit TDS Register forcibly.

Manual TDS Posting typically involves extracting data from AP Transaction module for which TDS was applicable but has missed to hit the TDS Register. Whenever transaction hits TDS Register,two transactions are created

1. AP Adjustment Entry
2. TDS Remittance Entry

When to use Manual TDS Posting:
Whenever the Invoice/Payment posting is done, there are times when the deduction gets missed out. In this case, we can go for manual TDS Posting.
Manual TDS Posting:
This option will re-post all those TDS entries, which missed to hit TDS Register while deduction. Manual TDS Posting screen has an option to filter data based on various options as shown in the following screen shot.

We have provided user an option of selecting all the transactions at a time using the checkboxes “Select All Remittances” and “Select All Adjustments”.

Whenever user selects the desired parameters and clicks on Go Button, data gets displayed in the grid as shown in the Screen shot:

1. As shown in the above screenshot, data have been posted from AP Module but is not listed in TDS Register  i.e.  Adjustment entry and the TDS remittance are missed out.
2. When user selects Create Remittance and Post’s the Entries, these entries will be removed from the list irrespective of whether the adjustment is created.

Thus, in brief, this screen will take care of missing entries in the TDS register and user just needs to take care of posting adjustments from AP module.