Provisional Posting in Sage 300 ERP

By | June 13, 2013

Once a GL Batch is posted permanently then there is no option available to edit the posted batch. Sometimes user may want to check the effect of transactions in Journal Ledger, before posting them permanently in order to avoid any mismatch in transactions or to check whether all entries have been made correctly. In such situations Sage 300 ERP provide an option for temporary posting of GL Batches i.e. Provisional Posting.
Provisional Posting simply means Temporary Posting. In order to user this feature User need to select “Allow Provisional Posting” option in GL Options >> Posting Tab.

Once the above option is ticked, they can see a new button Prov. Post in GL Batch List UI.

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Using the Prov. Post button, user can post the batch temporarily and its status shows Prov. Posted. After Provisionally posting the batch, user can edit  and again post it either provisionally or permanently.
In case user want to provisionally post all batches or a range of batches, they can do the same from GL Transactions >> Post Batches.

This feature become useful especially when you are doing period end adjustments etc. to ensure that you have entered all transactions correctly before post them permanently.
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