Export Items with Criteria on Optional Fields

By | August 28, 2013

In Sage 300 ERP, we have the concept of optional fields where in we can store non standard data at the item master and then extract them in reports we require.
There might be a case where you are having a big list of items in your item master and each of the items is having an optional field associated with it, let’s call it ‘BIPARTNO’ standing for a Part No of the Item. Going further, there might be a situation that for some of the items the optional field value has not been set. So it might be necessary for you to extract a list of such items for which the optional field value is not been set.
Consider we are having an optional field called as ‘BIPARTNO’ set at the item master level. Further we have to get the list of all such item from the item master for whom the value for this optional field is not been set. Following are the steps which will help you to generate a list of items for which the value of optional field ‘BIPARTNO’ is not set.

1. Go to Inventory Control -> I/C Items and Price List -> Items


         The New Stuff: Item Pricing based on Multiple Unit of Measurement

 2.  Click on File Menu and then click export sub menu.  Click on Item_Optional_Fields as shown below and then click on set criteria.

3.  After Clicking on Set Criteria the below screen will get displayed where you can filter the parameters and optional field you want.


 4.  Select Item Number and click on Add button which will add the parameter in the grid.


 5. Double click on the cell just below Optional Field which you want to filter and enter the name of optional field as shown below and click OK.


 6. In the similar way, add the Value parameter to filter it as shown below and double click on the cell below value to add the  filtering details as shown below  and then click on OK.


 7. Then click on OK button on Set Criteria screen, which will further start the process. Once the export process is done you will  get a message showing the details as shown below.

10 11

 Note: In the above example we have considered, that the ‘BIPARTNO’ optional field value will be numeric.

Hope this helps in exporting items with no value for specific optional fields.
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