How to create PO from I/C

By | January 20, 2014

Sage 300 ERP provides a choice of creating Purchase Order for an item on the basis of its quantities maintained in inventory stock. Depending on the Maximum and Minimum quantities of an item in reorder screen, system calculates the number of quantities needs to be reordered. Let’s discuss this in detail with the help of an example:
Suppose you need to create a purchase order for an item in fiscal period 1 for location 2 where item has minimum quantity 10 and maximum quantity 20 in Reorder Quantities screen:

Reorder Quantities

To create PO from I/C follow the path given below:
Purchase Orders >> P/O Create Purchase Orders >> Create POs from I/C

Create PO from ICNew stuff: Date wise GL Trial Balance Report

In screen of Create PO from I/C, there is an option to create PO by putting filter on following selection criterions:
1. Vendor: If we purchase same item from different vendors and maintain this in Vendor Detail screen then in that case we can choose if we want to create PO for one or more Vendors of that particular item.

Vendor details

2. Reorder: Using the options given under Reorder box we can sort out our transactions on the basis of items by deciding the range of items for which we need to raise the Purchase Order. If the quantity on hand for selected items is greater than the Reorder Quantities then PO will not be created in that case.

Location Details

3. Reorder Quantity: Here we gets a choice of putting filter on number of quantities i.e. for how many quantities we want to raise the Purchase Order. In taken example if we select up to maximum then the quantities in PO will be ‘10’ (equals to reorder quantity) otherwise in case of Above maximum they would be ‘20’ because upper limit of reorder quantities can be maximum quantity. In the same way, PO can be raised projected sales.
Finally, click on Process to proceed with PO creation.
Below is the screenshot of Purchase Order which is generated on selecting Reorder Quantity as “up to maximum”:

PO Entry

In this blog, we saw how we can raise Purchase Orders from I\C with brief view of reorder quantities, location details and vendor detail screen. Soon we will post a blog on significance of Reorder Quantities covering other scenarios also.
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