By | May 30, 2014

Did you know that SAGE 300 ERP allows you to create/use web services from within the active x control which can be used to integrate with third party applications?
Yes this is true you can create web services for the desired functionality and deploy it on the server. The web services can include functionalities like:
– auto updates in SQL tables
– auto-insert some ERP data into the separate SQL table for reporting purpose or
– might be for some integration purpose.
All you need to do is create desired web service and call this web service on a event within the active x control. The web service is called by using a URL which has an IP address of the server, application name & web service name where the web service resides.
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For e.g.
Consider a case where you want some integration functionality on a click on some command button.
To achieve this, create a web service which will include the integration functionality & deploy that application on server. Modify the desired active x control (OCX) to add a New Command and on the click of this button call the web service URL with particular method name and pass the parameters for which that particular web service is required. Assuming your parameters are perfect and the web service is properly designed the web service will return the success result otherwise you will get the error in return response.
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