IC Option – Allow Negative Inventory Levels

By | September 1, 2014

Sage 300 ERP is an efficient application that manages almost all of the business processes of your organization. It provides lots of features / options so that it can be configured as per the client’s requirements.
In some cases, client might want to restrict the users in case they might do a Shipment entry for an item which is not available in the inventory. In such cases, ERP administrator can use the IC option for negative inventory. Just open the ‘IC Options’ and un-tick the check box ‘Allow Negative Inventory Levels’ as shown below.
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IC Options
Suppose user created an order entry for an un-available item as shown below.
OE Order Entry
Then, if user selects that order for doing shipment, the system will not allow the user to the do the shipment. It will give an error message as ‘Invalid input. Negative inventory levels are not allowed for item’.
OE Shipment Entry
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