GL Batch Creation in two databases simultaneously

By | December 31, 2014

In today’s world an Organisation or company can have different branches across the globe in different locations with different financial year. For e.g. financial year of an organization in India starts in April. But the same organization’s financial year will start in January if the office is in USA. In such cases, it becomes difficult to manage 2 databases with 2 different fiscal year setting.
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It might happen you want to post multiple selected GL Batches in two databases simultaneously. In sage 300 ERP For ease of use, we have customized GL Batch Entry screen in such a way that, The batches for which “Ready to post” is set as “Yes”, after posting them, they get posted in two databases simultaneously where one is source and other is target database.
The user needs to select the batches and set it Ready to post to yes as shown below:
Gl Batch
Then all the batches will get posted in source database and also get created and posted in the target database as well as the Fiscal year and Fiscal Period will be changes according to the target database fiscal calendar setting.
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