Integration with DMS and SAGE 300 ERP for Automobile dealer industry

By | May 31, 2015

Further to our blog on ERP for Automobile dealer Industry, let us broaden our knowledge about DMS and its integration necessity specifically for dealers of various automobiles.


In today’s competitive business environment, companies need to interact with a wide base of clients, customers, suppliers and partners—both inside and outside of the organization. Hence, it becomes important for companies to integrate, automate, and streamline their core internal and external business processes across the extended enterprise.

Automotive Car dealer typically uses Dealership Management System (DMS) or Auto Dealership Management System which is a bundled software that caters to the needs of the finance, sales, and inventory components of running the dealership. It becomes important to preserve applications like DMS provided by dealer principal and also maintain internal application to meet the complex requirements of their business. The advantage for dealers using specialized system are plenty, however the primary outcome is more efficient dealership. Hence Integration of internal software with DMS becomes a pre-requisite for any automobile dealership company.

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Any DMS system would have the following structure:-



Characteristically, the primary goal of DMS integration software would be efficient, reliable, and secure automotive dealer data extraction.

All dealers’ locations are connected to the Principal DMS through the DMS line. All transactional data like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Repair Orders is primarily entered into this software by the dealers.

Later, this transactional data when required by dealers for internal analysis is pulled from the DMS data with the help of Integration Bridge into internal ERP software. Integration software can serve efficiently and effectively to extract and deliver data from Dealer Management Systems multiple times per day, during times that minimally affect dealer business systems.

The data can further be used by the dealer for internal evaluation. Integration product in SAGE 300 ERP can extract data from multiple DMS and provide data that powers SAGE ERP application. With the help of extracted data SAGE 300 ERP delivers different types of reports useful for Inventory tracking and controlling, different formats of Balance sheets, different formats of Profit and loss statements, various types of account statements, Inventory stock valuation reports etc. SAGE 300 ERP can also furnish all types of analytical reports like Purchase analysis, due date analysis for customer open balances, vendor payment history etc. after extraction of data from DMS through the Integration Bridge.

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