Statutory Audit Report for TDS

By | September 30, 2015

Tax Deducted at Source is an add-on for Sage 300 ERP and it is one of the ways to collect income tax. The TDS add-on provides reports and forms. In this blog we will discuss about Statutory Audit Report which is very useful during the auditing. The Statutory Audit report gives the details about the TDS deducted documents and outstanding as of date. i.e. remittance has been created against the TDS payable documents but TDS is not paid against that particular documents. So this helps user to know the pending challans which needs to be paid and can avoid the further penalty on such documents.

New StuffExcise Invoice Report

To print this report Go to

Tax deducted at source–> D/T transaction report–> Statutory Audit Report

This report helps user to know the documents which are outstanding for how many months and TDS amount applicable on it. The report prints the data sections wise so user finds the summarized as well as detail information of pending documents in a single report. Report shows data like name of the party, Document Number, document date, due date, document amount, TDS amount and late months. Please refer the above screen shot.

Hence this report is very useful when user to wants to know outstanding TDS documents and can avoid the further interest and penalty.

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