Excise Invoice Report

By | September 30, 2015

In our last blog Manufacturing Excise Process, we had discussed about the Manufacturing process and reports that are required in manufacturing excise. In this blog we will discussed about the “Excise Invoice Report. Excise invoice report is the document prepared by the manufacturer while issuing excisable goods from manufacturing location to customer or another excisable location and it is signed by the manufacturer.
We have developed Excise Invoice report in our Manufacturing Excise module where user will get all the required statutory and excise related data in a single report. The excise invoice lists the goods that have issued and states how much excise duty applied on it. This report is auto generated when user make the shipment entry or transfer entry through manufacturing excise module. The Excise Invoice number is a sequential number on the basis of invoicing Location and commence from 1st April every year (starting of financial year).
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To print the invoice, navigate to Excise Module.
Manufacturing Excise>>M/E reports>>Excise invoice report
Please refer below screen shot:
Please refer below screen shot for the excise invoice report format:
If you refer the above screen shot of Invoice, it contains details like Registration number, ECC No, Range name, Division name, commission rate, range address, date and time of removal, date and time of preparation, goods and the duty payable thereon, tariff classification number, quantity, rate of duty etc.
The invoice shall be prepared in triplicate in the following manner, namely:
• The original copy being marked as “Original For Buyer”.
• The duplicate copy being marked as “Duplicate For Transporter”.
• The triplicate copy being marked as “Triplicate For Assessee”.
The above requirement is mainly for Central Excise purposes. However, the assessee may make more than three copies for his other requirements. But such copies shall be prominently marked “Not for Cenvat Purposes”.
Hence, this report provides valuable and excise information for day to day business.
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