Intercompany Transaction

By | April 28, 2016

In this blog we will discuss about intercompany transactions. Sage 300 has a very useful module – “Intercompany Transaction” for organizations, who have multiple entities along with transaction being done.

When a transaction is done between two companies / entities, it usually seems that two separate entries will be made. We illustrate in details for better understanding. For example, if a company “A” pays an amount of 100 for an expense on behalf of company “B”, then normally two separate transactions is done. The transactions would be as shown below

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In Company “A”

Loan Account Company “B” = 100 Dr.

Bank Account Company “A” = 100 Cr.

In Company “B”

Expense Account (Company “B”) = 100 Dr.

Loan Account Company “A”           = 100 Cr.

In Sage 300, the same above scenario can be done in a single entry instead of two separate entry through intercompany transaction and can reduce lots of time. In intercompany the transaction would be done as mentioned / shown below.

In Intercompany

Expense Account (Company “B”) = 100 Dr.

Bank Account (Company “A”)        = 100 Cr.

When you will post the above transaction in intercompany, then system will auto generate GL Batch in Company “A” and Company “B”. Please refer below screen shot for more clarity and understanding

The below screen belong to intercompany, where transaction has been done.


After completion of entry the same GL batch has to post. When you post the GL batch in Intercompany, then two separate GL Batch in two separate company will auto generate by system and will get a message of auto generated GL batch. Please refer below screen shot.


After the above process, you can check the GL batch individually company wise. Just login to Company A and Company B and check the GL batches.

GL Batch of Company A


GL Batch of Company B


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