How to restrict Expired Serials in Sage 300 ERP

By | February 24, 2017

Inventory is the total amount of goods or materials stored in Store/Warehouse/stockyard. Factory managers or store keepers should be aware of the total stock available for sale and out of stock or expired items to properly handle customer/ vendor orders.

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Here we will see how serial numbers expiry date can be maintained in Sage 300 ERP. Restricting use of an expired serial number can be achieved in Sage 300 ERP using Serial Inventory options. You can ensure that the expired serial numbers are not available for Shipping/Invoicing.

1. Navigate to Inventory Control -> I/C Setup -> Options –>Serials Numbers Tab. Kindly refer below screenshot for the same.

IC Option2. Select the “Expired Serial Allocation Message” as error/warning in the Serials tab in the above screen.

3. Next go to Inventory Control -> I/C Items and Price lists -> Serial Numbers

In this screen, select the Serial number for which the expiry date has to be mentioned. Specify the date in the Expiry date field as shown below:-

IC Serial number screen

In order to see real time working, let’s make an Order as shown below:-

1. Create an order and select the “Order Date” prior to the “Expiry Date” assigned to that Serial and then select the same Item Number which has been assigned the Expired Serial Date.

OE Order Entry2. Select the Serial that has the expired date assigned to it.

Serial Number Allocation Screen

3. After the selection of the serial, an error message will be displayed regarding its expiry and will not allow that serial to be assigned to the details of the Order. Refer screenshot below.

Error log

So, user has the provision to restrict Expired Serials in Sage 300 ERP.

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