Barcode integration with GRN Screen in Sage300

By | June 8, 2018

Use the Receipt Entry screen to:

  • Enter receipts of goods into Purchase Orders—for inventory or non-inventory items.
  • Edit existing receipts.
  • Enter or change the vendor address information.
  • Enter additional costs for receipts (from primary or secondary vendors).
  • Invoice receipts and additional costs.

New Stuff:- Customized UI for Export Sales Details in CSV Format
In this blog, we will discuss about below customized PO Receipt screen which we have customized and how it help user to find  item number , LOT number of item etc.
To navigate the screen:-

  • PO Purchase Order –>P/O Transaction –>Receipt Entry

Please refer below screen:-

Let’s take example to explained purpose of this blog.
Suppose At the time of creating PO Receipt Entry we have item number (A-105/0) at detail line with Qty B/O 5 and on the click of F6 button below popup Window will be open.  (Refer Below screen)
Customized window:-

Now the system will check if the Detail item number and an item which we will scan through the barcode scanner both item codes does not match then system will display error message “item mismatch”. And need to clear item number Text box. The serial number text box will remain disable in this case.
If the Detail item number and an item which we will scan through the barcode scanner both item codes match, serial number textbox  will be enable then we will scan serial number of the item and that will be updated under serial number field (we have highlighted same in above screenshot with red border) in the grid
If system will get the serial number Qty count equal to Qty B/O then system will update all serial number as shown below in screenshot and Receipt Qty will be “5”
The purpose of this blog is user can scan the item through the barcode scanner and maintained all serial/Lot number for the same item.
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