OE Transaction List Report

By | June 1, 2019

In the Sage 300 ERP, every module provides a number of standard reports which helps users to get the detailed transaction information, Transactions Status, Setups etc. In this blog we are going to take a look at on O/E Transaction List Report.

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The O/E Transaction List Report is used to print a list of orders, shipments, invoices or credit/debit notes.

We can print each type of transaction by selecting the print options on UI and also we can print detailed or summary version of the report.

This report can be found under Order Entry -> O/E Reports -> Transaction List.

Order Entry  O/E Reports  Transaction List.

When we are printing this report for orders, we can specify which type of orders to include in the report by selecting the order type, status, and source options on UI.

When we are printing this report for shipments, invoices and credit/debit notes, we can only specify which transactions information needs to print.

We can sort the report by transaction number or customer number, and we can specify ranges of transaction numbers, customer numbers, transaction date and currency codes (if we have a multi currency system) to include in the report.

Information Printed on This Report:-

Depending on the printing options we have selected, the Transaction List report can include:

  1. The information entered on the Transactions standard screen and the total amount. In multi currency ledgers, the total amount is displayed in both source currency and functional currency.
  2. The address, phone number, and fax number for billing and shipping.
  3. Details for each item on the order, invoice, shipment, or credit/debit note, including quantities ordered and shipped or returned, unit prices, and total amounts outstanding.
  4. The salesperson commission split for the order.
  5. Any prepayments that were posted to an order or invoice.
  6. Grand totals for orders, shipments, invoices, or credit/debit notes.
  7. Summary totals for each source currency (for the multi currency version of the report).

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