OE-Keep transaction History

By | November 30, 2014

In Sage 300 ERP we have an option “Keep Transaction History” in Order Entry–>O/E Setup–>Options under “Processing” tab [Refer below screen shot].
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 With this option as checked it will allow you to print completed order, invoice, and credit note information on the Transaction List.
If you keep transaction history as unchecked, Day End Processing deletes the order information when orders are completed, deletes the shipments which are fully shipped and deletes invoice and credit note information after you have printed invoices and credit notes so they will no longer appear in transaction list. However this option does not affect posting journals.
Let’s have a detailed look on this by considering one example,
Suppose you have order number “ORD000000000069” which is completely shipped and shipment number for this order is “SH00000000000000000071” [Refer below screen shot].
Now you can see in finder this order [Refer below screen shot].
Once you run day end processing (Inventory Control–>I/C Periodic Processing–>Day End Processing) the order number “ORD000000000069” will no longer be present in Order finder.
Thus this option may be useful for organizations which has bulk orders, shipments, invoices, credit and debits as using this option would automatically delete all the complete orders, shipment and printed invoices ,credit and debit note.
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