How to open OE Order Entry View using Advantage API

By | July 29, 2019

In this blog, we will be discussing about opening and composing the OE Order Entry View using Sage 300 Advantage API method.

Below are the steps which will guide through opening and composing the OE Order Entry View.

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Step 1:

Include the Sage 300 Advantage DLL in the project.

Step 2:

Once the Advantage DLL is included, create the object of the Session.

Session _session = new Session();

Step 3:

Take the DB Link object and assign link to that object.

DBLink dBLink = null;

dBLink = session.OpenDBLink(DBLinkType.Company, DBLinkFlags.ReadWrite);

Step 4:

Open the views.

View view = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0520”);

View view2 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0500”);

View view3 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0740”);

View view4 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0180”);

View view5 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0526”);

View view6 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0522”);

View view7 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0508”);

View view8 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0507”);

View view9 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0501”);

View view10 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0502”);

View view11 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0504”);

View view12 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0506”);

View view13 = dBLink.OpenView(“OE0503”);

Step 5:

Compose the views.

view.Compose(new View[6] { view2, null, view4, view3, view5, view6 });

view2.Compose(new View[6] { view, view9, view13, view10, view7, view8 });

view3.Compose(new View[1] { view });

view4.Compose(new View[2] { view, view2 });

view5.Compose(new View[1] { view });

view6.Compose(new View[1] { view });

view7.Compose(new View[1] { view2 });

view8.Compose(new View[1] { view2 });

view9.Compose(new View[1] { view2 });

view10.Compose(new View[3] { view2, view11, view12 });

view11.Compose(new View[1] { view10 });

view12.Compose(new View[1] { view10 });

view13.Compose(new View[1] { view2 });

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