Error – Company database link Exception occurred in Sage 300 using COMAPI

By | February 28, 2020

We are aware that Sage 300 SDK provides capabilities to import the data using an external utility created in different programming languages like VB6.0, C#, etc. During development of such utility programmer may come across situation where they encounter errors on Insert/Update operations.

So, in this blog, we will discuss about how to handle an exception occurred while importing the data into the Sage 300 Common Services module.

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In today’s blog we will see one of the possible cause of the error “Cannot write to system database tables or originate propagation using a company database link. Use a system database link instead.” and probable solution to the error.

One solution can be that the program requires connection to the system database link instead of company database link. It becomes difficult to identify the cause of the exception as it occurs while inserting/updating the data into sage 300 using COMAPI.

Using Company DBLink

mDBLinkCmpRW=accpacsession.OpenDBLink(AccpacCOMAPI.tagDBLinkTypeEnum.DBLINK_COMPANY, AccpacCOMAPI.tagDBLinkFlagsEnum.DBLINK_FLG_READWRITE);

When the user using the company object to import the data into sage 300, the user can get an error on the below line of code:


Using System DBLink

System database link instead of the company database will be required to use the Sage 300 object in-order to resolve the above mentioned error.

mDBLinkCmpRW=accpacsession.OpenDBLink(AccpacCOMAPI.tagDBLinkTypeEnum.DBLINK_SYSTEM, AccpacCOMAPI.tagDBLinkFlagsEnum.DBLINK_FLG_READWRITE);

This can be helpful for the developer to quickly overcome the error and proceed further with the development.

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