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Error – Company database link Exception occurred in Sage 300 using COMAPI

We are aware that Sage 300 SDK provides capabilities to import the data using an external utility created in different programming languages like VB6.0, C#, etc. During development of such utility programmer may come across situation where they encounter errors on Insert/Update operations. So, in this blog, we will discuss about how to handle an… Read More »

Error: “Control is not properly installed” while opening customized screen in Sage 300 ERP

We have many situations where we customize the Sage 300 ERP screens and get the error while opening the customized screen “Control is not properly installed”. Sometimes this error occurs only for certain systems and the screen works fine on other systems. The reason behind this error is that the Sage 300 is unable to… Read More »

Troubleshoot: “Error. Failed to create landlord database tables” in Sage 300 Web Screens.

In the new version of Sage 300, we have been introduced to the web screens. Sage 300 ERP will now be called as Sage 300c ERP which now will be used on cloud that will make it easier to access from the web. As this is a newly introduced concept, there are chances that we… Read More »

Configuration tips for Greytrix Extended Report Pack in sage 300 ERP

As we have learnt in our last blogs about Greytrix Extended Report Pack which comprises of vital registers and vouchers, and are specifically designed and configured to meet Indian Business working style. Many times, due to some wrong or incomplete configuration, consultants ask for the solution on the errors or printing issue that they are… Read More »

Error: Sage 300 ERP UI Container has stopped working message occurs when printing reports

Sometimes users face an error message “Sage 300 ERP UI Container has stopped working” when printing reports. This normally occurs on a Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 server when printing reports to the preview screen. When we click to view the problem details, the following message displays: “Assertion failed! Program: C:AppsAccpacRUNTIMEA4WCONTAINERXP.EXE File: repcmd.c Line:… Read More »

Report not printing when printer option is set to printer in sage 300 ERP

In this blog post, we will discuss about one of the Report printing issues that one faces when printing Sage 300 reports directly to the Printers. In our previous blog post, we discussed about the different Print Destinations available with Sage 300 ERP. While printing any transaction of Sage 300 ERP (Formerly known as Sage… Read More »

License information for this component not found

In this blog post, we will discuss about a general error that we face while executing macro from Sage 300 desktop. Refer below screen shot. New stuff:  Form 26Q file generated in TDS-Part2 We encounter a scenario where we develop macro which executes successfully on our in-house environment. We do not face the above issue because… Read More »