Issue with Incorrect Configuration of Library Paths

By | March 7, 2014

In Sage CRM, uploaded documents are saved the directory location configured under Administration | E-mail and Documents | Documents and Reports Configuration section.  Please refer below screenshot.


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Suppose while configuring the location we forget to add “\” at the end of the location in “Physical root directory for mail merged documents” as displayed in below screenshot.


CRM will create many folders under root based on the library storage logic. The initials will be appended directly to Library keyword and stored.
Let’s consider an example. We have company namely “Greytrix India Pvt Ltd” and we upload document against this company using Documents tab.  Then it will create new Library folder with the Initial Letter of Company at the same level of Library folder. For e.g. LibraryG folder will be created as displayed in below screenshot.


Inside this LibraryG folder, new folder with the company name is created and files get stored under that folder.
So it’s always suggested to put slash (\) at the end of Library, Reports path to avoid creation of multiple folders. This becomes cumbersome when we want to move only library of Sage CRM to another server.
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