Sage CRM File Upload Limitation setting

By | December 30, 2014

We always thrive to make the systems BEST of all by adding out of the box new features. However better approach is to always control the usage of such features, as reverse impact also needs to be accounted for. You can see all such features defined in SageCRM provide parameter to control the usage. For example Administrators can decide who can export reports to excel, what will be the maximum size of the file allowed to be exported etc. Today I will discuss one more such feature using which we can get better control on File upload functionality.
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Well, to start with you can find “File Upload Limitation” setting under “Administration -> E-mail and Documents -> Documents & Reports Configuration
The value can be selected from options “1, 5, 10, 25, 50”.
Now Help file definition is, we can set the limit on the total number of files per upload when using the Add File feature. For example, with the limit set to 10, a user can select up to 10 files to upload in a single transaction.
Now let me elaborate this definition and tell you what it means. Take a note that this applies to Chrome browser.
I opened an opportunity “TimeNExpense Conference Visitor” from demo data and went to Documents tab. Clicked on the Add file button and selected 12 files for upload. Everything went fine and below screen appeared.
You can see the message on top says “Some files failed to upload successfully”. Also cross sign in Files pain below indicates that I have selected more files than allowed. My setting of File upload limitation is set to 10. Now I went back and selected 10 files for upload. This time upload worked correctly.
Same applies to chrome plugin for dropping multiple files too.
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