GUMU Tips – Creating Sales Orders using Free Text Items

By | June 29, 2015

In our previous blog we have already discussed that in our GUMU free text items are promoted to sage 100 as special items. Moving further in this blog we will discuss one of the common issue “Sales Account is required” which users generally face while dealing with special items.

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Error Description:   While promoting order with Free Text Item option user may face error message as “Could not write the Line Item. The cost of Goods Sold account is required. $ The Sales Account is required.”
Reason :  This message occurs when user is trying to promote an order with a free text item. While promoting free text item, GUMU promotes it as a Special Item in Sage 100.  This message appears when in Sage 100 the value for “Special item Sales” is not set in Sales order options. If you try to create orders from Sage 100 using special item it will give you the same error message.
Solution : To resolve this issue, user will have to set “Special item COGS” in Sage 100 in Sales Order option screen. Once it is set, user should be allowed to promote orders with special items.
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