Automatic Closure of Dormant Leads

By | January 14, 2016

We may want to have Leads that has not been attended for 6 months, to be automatically marked as ‘Closed‘. The easiest way to do this, is to schedule a Job in SQL.
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One can easily check leads which are 6 months older in Sage CRM by executing below query.
Leads can be closed by executing below query manually in SQL.
In order to do automation, SQL Job needs to be created. Kindly follow below steps to create SQL Job.
1) Start SQL Server Management studio and click on SQL Server Agent node.
2) Right click on Jobs to create New Job.
3) When you click on New Job, you will get below window. Fill the details as shown in screenshot.
4) Select Steps from right hand side and add data as shown below.
5) Click on OK button.
6) Select Schedules from right hand side and schedule job as per convenience.
7) Click on OK button.
8) Click on OK button of New Job window.
Now, scheduled SQL job will run every day as scheduled in SQL and all leads which are 6 months old in Sage CRM will be marked as closed. You can schedule a similar job for any other entity in Sage CRM like Cases, Communications, Opportunities or any other custom entities.
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