Auto – complete tasks of a closed opportunity in Sage CRM

By | June 8, 2020

As we all know, Sage CRM’s Communications entity has not only helped to manage communication with the Customers but also internally within the application users. Another important feature is the ability to link these communications of any type i.e. Task, Appointments, or Email to the respective Sales or Service record of the Customer. This has been of great help to track the progress of the records with ease. But when these transactional records are marked as completed in CRM, what happens with their respective Communication records? Yes, they are still under pending stage.

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Consider an example where you have a Sales opportunity against a Customer. After sending the proposal to the customer, your salesperson has created a reminder task in CRM against the opportunity to follow up with the Customer after 2 days for the proposal sent. However, the customer gets back to you the very next day and the opportunity is progressed further or even marked as completed in CRM. Now, what happens with the Task (Communication)? It will still be under the Pending stage and has to be manually updated by the sales representative. Isn’t it a bit of time-consuming?

To avoid manual efforts, you can easily mark such kind of communication records as auto-complete along with the Opportunity record completion with the help of SQL condition on the specific opportunity workflow rule.

Below are the steps to follow –

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Advanced Customization -> Workflow
  2. Open Opportunity Workflow and click on the Edit Workflow button.
  3. Click to open Closed Rule’s condition/actions.
  4. Click New from the Workflow Actions section and select Execute SQL Statement.
  5. Put the SQL condition as shown in the below screenshot, save and activate the workflow.
SQL Condition on Opportunity workflow
SQL Condition on Opportunity workflow

Now, whenever your sales representative will mark an opportunity as closed; all the pending communications against it will also be auto-marked as completed.

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