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Default Escalations in CRM 7.3

When we do any business, Escalations are important. The word escalation means “To pass (a transaction or case) on to a higher level in an organizational hierarchy”.  Escalations enable you to ensure on time response to customer for everything. Till the version 7.1 Sage CRM had provided some escalation actions to handle default assignments, communication reminders etc. New Stuff: Dot Net Admin and DLL Security Levels Sage CRM… Read More »

Sage CRM Database Maintenance

Database is the most important part of any application. Being business software, Sage CRM handles very delicate data and it is necessary to maintain this data properly in order to insure integrity and improved system performance. New Stuff: Confirm if your Sage CRM system has actually expired There are many ways to enhance the performance… Read More »

Time zones affect escalation matrix

Here I am sharing a strange issue which I came across some days back. I have a simple escalation matrix setup as shown below on my CRM server. Now as per the SageCRM functionality once the case is saved, the escalations are created in the database as soon as case is saved however strangely escalation… Read More »