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Prevent Cross-site Scripting in SAGE CRM 2018 R2

Hello everyone! The new release, CRM 2018 R2 introduced a new thing i.e. preventing Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in the system. In this blog, I will explain that what exactly the XSS means with the examples and how to prevent CRM from it. New Stuff: Populating Default Date Field Values in Sage CRM Cross-site scripting (XSS) is… Read More »

Populating Default Date Field Values in Sage CRM

Date fields have been a challenging and sometimes a difficult task to work within Sage CRM. Client-side scripts and JQuery has although taken up customizations to a higher level, it does require writing a few lines of codes/functions in order to customize the Date field’s functional behavior. New Post: Synchronize Active Salespersons in Sage CRM and… Read More »

Securing Documents by Deploying Proper Security within Your Sage CRM System

It’s important to configure proper security access rights within your Sage CRM system, including restricted security profiles. Deleting any data from CRM, accidently or either on purpose can prove very dangerous and costly to fix. It’s important that the administrators of the system deploy the proper security to be applied to standard Sage CRM users… Read More »

Diagnose System Health in Sage CRM 2017 R2 – Part 1

Along with being a helpful & easy to manage and track Business growth and Customer relationships platform, Sage CRM’s features are also reliable on many other System configurations for smooth functioning. New Stuff: “Quick Find” Functionality in SAGE CRM 2018 R1 Earlier, if any of the Standard functionality failed; Admin user had to check every… Read More »

“Quick Find” Functionality in SAGE CRM 2018 R1

Hi Friends..!! We are much familiar with finding mechanism for entity records such as keyword search, Advanced Find, etc. in SAGE CRM. Using these, we can perform a search for particular entity only. Now we can search the connected data across all entities at once by using single keyword. The New Release, SAGE CRM 2018… Read More »

Control Access Rights of Entity tabs in Sage CRM

Sage CRM has a complex and sophisticated Security mechanism implemented as automatic alteration of the SQL used to fetch either the application data to the screen or the metadata that controls the availability of features. One such feature is related to the various Entity Tabs which displays the List or Screens for Users. Since not… Read More »

Adding Custom Field on Sage CRM screen using .Net

Sage CRM provides System administrator with easy ways to add or remove fields from the system. Every screen and list in CRM draws its data from the views which are based on the SQL tables linked to a particular entity. Thus whenever a user needs to add a field belonging to a different entity, he… Read More »

Information on Database Configurations in Sage CRM

Upon installing Sage CRM apart from selecting the installation path we are required to provide instance name and SQL server connection details to proceed further with installation. Whatever the instance name that we provide upon installation, the installation process will create a database in SQL with same name and required tables in the database. The… Read More »