Sage Intacct Sales Tax Report

By | March 15, 2021

Sage Intacct Sales Tax report contains actual tax data by Company and Order Type for each Tax Rate/Area. Sales tax report gives details about taxes that you have collected for which tax authority if you are using Advanced Tax or the Avalara AvaTax integration, which allows you to attribute tax details to a tax authority. This report helps to eliminate tax-rate errors and ensure timely filing and remittance. Those calculations are applied transparently at the time of transaction.

To access this report Go to Order Entry > Click on Order analysis > Click on ADD button.

Navigate to Sales Tax Report

Sales Tax Report Filters

  • Set Time period, Select reporting period using drop down to get the data you want. If you don’t specify a reporting period, the system generates a report for the current month to date.
  • Set the filters to get the specific data you want. You can filter report by item tax group, contact tax group, tax authority, and other criteria. For each tax authority, the report shows taxable, non-taxable and total sales, as well as the tax rate and amount of tax collected and payable as of date you specify.

    Sales Tax Report Filters

  • Select Format. You can set the layout of the report or arrange how to group and display the data contained in the report.
  • Enter a title, subtitle, and footer text for your report.
  • You can View, process, memorize, export, or customize the report or add it to the dashboard by using button given in right corner of the screen.

    Sales Tax Report

Sales Tax report saves data entry time in adding new customers, Maintains tax details of existing customers, and the distribution and accruals of payables. Gives the complete report for every transaction.