Sage Partner Summit 2022 – Here’s why you Should Attend It!

By | April 13, 2022

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Dallas will be set ablaze with technical disruption as the Sage Partner Summit will take place between the 7th and 10th of June 2022. After the phenomenal virtual Summit in 2021, everyone keenly looks forward to witness significant advancements in the tech space. As partners worldwide fly down to this common platform, the event is set to get innovative and intuitive solutions to tackle key customer issues; understand Sage’s channel strategy and map future opportunities. Before we delve deeper to understand the specifics, let’s get a glimpse of the journey through these years.

What’s with all the buzz around the Sage Partner Summit? Look for yourself – 

What’s new?

After two long years and one virtual Summit later, Team Sage is propelled in full action to bring together all partners, clients and peers to churn out maximum value for customers. As all their efforts are focused on customer satisfaction, they hope to build an ecosystem that thrives and benefits all the stakeholders. Based on the same thought, this year’s Summit is aimed at three main pillars:

Build Sage Partner Summit Build: Encourage all aspiring business ideas and opportunities to promote customer value. Enterprises can leverage opportunities with Sage to build successful strategies together.
Connect Sage Partner Summit Connect: Make the most of this interface to connect with eminent personalities, peers, partners and friends to draw insights.
Deliver Sage Partner Summit Deliver: Strengthen all the customers and clients to build their businesses and draw learnings from the Build and Connect sessions to create a solid plan to deliver results in FY ‘22

Sage Partner Summit 2022

Things to look forward to:

  • Keynote Speakers

Rohit Bhargava
Innovation and marketing expert

Backed by a long list of laurels, Mr Bhargava is an Innovation and marketing expert, a renowned facilitator and a keynote speaker at the Summit. His reputation as an expert in marketing and brand strategy precedes him. Moreover, he is extensively known for building leaders of tomorrow. He brings along his experience as the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of five books. He will be sharing gripping insights of working on some big names in the industry like NASA, Disney, LinkedIn, Microsoft and the World Bank, to name a few. This power-packed session will be one-of-a-kind and not something to miss.

  • Sage Keynote Speakers:

Aziz Benmalek
President (Interim), Sage North America, and EVP, Global Partner Organization

His extensive global expertise in the tech industry and his passion for cloud and SaaS software make him one of the exemplary persons with crucial knowledge and understanding of the domain. Moreover, his precise inputs and stage presence make him one of the most sought-after speakers.

Aaron Harris
Chief Technology Office, Sage

Mr Harris has played a substantial role in establishing Sage Intacct as the cloud financial management solutions innovation leader. With leading experience in business applications and software development strategies, he is always a delight on stage.

Stanimira Koleva
Executive Vice President, International Markets

A technology veteran brings her years of expertise in business operations, product and solutions innovations to the keynote address. In addition, her years of experience in various leadership roles make her the best personality to draw inspiration and learn tips for business building.

Dan Miller
Executive Vice President, Product Delivery Sage Intacct

Mr Dan Miller is driven by a solution-centric approach and is known for his laser-sharp focus on addressing and solving real-life problems of users. If you are into product development, get your notepad and pen ready because he will drop major lessons on product strategy, design, experience, engineering and customer education.

Rob Sinfield
Vice-President of Product, Sage X3 and ISV Success

Mr Sinfield has a strong background in product-centric industries and supports business transformation. Join the summit to listen him speak on his journey of driving product and market strategy for X3 and other multiple projects.

Luc Mathiot
Head of Product, Business Management Solutions

Luc is an intuitive leader with a decade-old experience in information systems at Air France and leading project engineering for Southern Europe with a keen interest in improving user experience. Make the most of his session as you draw actionable insights and implement them to drive growth in your business.

  • Three power-packed days:

The Sage Partner Summit is known to host quality content and exclusive experiences through keynotes, workshops, dynamic sessions, product updates, and podcasts. Attendees can get their hands on insightful curated resources and tools to build their business

  • An in-person experience:

After what the world has witnessed, getting back on the ground to meet clients, friends, and partners will be a one-of-a-kind experience. It will also be a platform to analyze and map developments in the market.

  • Multi-faceted exhibitors:

Sage Partner Summit is host to partners, clients, and peers from different industries. Be there to witness a varied range of enterprises and listen to them speak about their area of expertise.

What Greytrix has in store for you:

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