Integrate Salesforce with Sage X3 | Tips, Tricks and Components

By | April 24, 2015

Today it is important to integrate ERP and CRM in order to see your know your customer better and not as separate and unequal parts. With Sage ERP X3 – integration, we have taken your ERP data to the cloud, giving salespeople a round-the-clock, 360 degree view of all customer interactions.

Every organization in order to achieve continuous growth should engage itself in integrating its business software solutions. When focus is on achieving immediate revenue targets, planning and integrating functional software tools and applications with ERP solution often takes back-seat.

As a result of these disconnected software solutions inefficiencies creep in, manual data entry and data duplication affects employee productivity which in turn affects the end customer experience. So how does one achieve this front-end and back-end integration to optimise the business software solutions?

With Greytrix unique GUMU™ CRM integration you can integrate your Sage X3 with Salesforce Cloud CRM solution so you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Real – Time, Bi-directional
  • Security Matrix
  • Cloud Access to ERP Data

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