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Importance of an integrated Salesforce – Sage X3 system

“Try GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage X3 Integration today with features so compelling that provides your organization with a chance to test and evaluate the integration benefits for a true ROI assessment.” Siloed business systems are a yesteryear! Organizations are moving to the next level of digital. Forward-thinking business owners and IT leaders are making… Read More »

Integrate Salesforce with Sage X3 using GUMU™ Connector

Every organization in order to achieve continuous growth should engage itself in integrating its business software solutions. When the focus is on achieving immediate revenue targets, planning and integrating functional software tools and applications with ERP solution often takes a backseat. As a result of these disconnected software solutions inefficiencies creep in, manual data entry… Read More »

Sage ERP X3 Integration with Salesforce.com

Today it is important to integrate ERP and CRM in order to see your customers as whole entities and not as separate and unequal parts. With Sage ERP X3 – Salesforce.com integration, we have taken your ERP data to the cloud, giving salespeople around-the-clock, 360° view of all customer interactions. “Streamline your front and back… Read More »