Alternate to “like” keyword of SQL

By | February 8, 2016

You may come across the situation, where you need alternate to “like” keyword of SQL, that is to search for sub-string in columns of the table.

The one way to achieve it to use instr() function, instr() function takes 3 parameters in account .

Syntax : instr( rank, string, sub_string )

  1. rank : Integer type expression giving the position corresponding to the 1st character in the string from which the sub-string search begins.
  2. String : String is your text.
  3. sub_string : The substring which you are looking for.

The instr() returns 0 if it does not find the match.

Now how to apply this to the table?. As instr() function is of x3 so its simple to apply.

eg : Filter[ZCT] Where instr(1,ALLOTEDTO,”Ram”) <> 0.

where 1 is the start position to look for sub-string , ALLOTEDTO is column name which consist of String and last parameter is sub-string itself. This will give you all records from table where ALLOTEDTO column consist sub-string “Ram”

which is equivalent to.

Select * from ZCT where ALLOTEDTO like ‘%Ram%’.

Note:  Instr() function is case sensitive so always use the upper-case or lower-case function with it.

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