How to call web service in Sage X3 Version 9 (PU9) using .NET applications

By | June 21, 2017

In Sage X3 Version 9 there are some changes with respect to the authenticating process of web service while connecting form third party application like .NET. From PU9 onward it’s mandatory to Pre-authorize the connection with the user name and password.

We need to create a class in .NET which connects the Sage X3 web service class through  Sage X3 url path  ‘/soap-generic/syracuse/collaboration/syracuse/CAdxWebServiceXmlCC ‘ location which is specified in ‘Web Services’ in Administrator module (refer to the below screen shot) where we need override the web request to append the authentication credentials.

SOAP generic web screens

SOAP generic web screens

Below is the snippet of code where we have called the methods of the class and passed the URL and set the pre-authentic flag as true.

snippet of code

Snippet of code

Remaining steps for calling Sage X3 Web Services is same as prior versions.

The above-mentioned code snippets is a basic approach to pre-authenticate, depending on the coding language way of authenticating and accessing the Sage x3 web service class will differ.

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