Renewal of Service Contracts

By | July 11, 2017

“Renew the service contract” functionality can be achieved by using below steps:


1. Service contract must be invoiced.

Navigate To: Customer Relations -> Customer Support -> Service Contract -> Management tab

Service Contract Screen

Service Contract Screen

1. Change the end date of the contract.Select next date of the current end date.

e.g in above screenshot, we have changed end date from 19/07/17 to 20/07/17.

2. Check Automatic Renewal checkbox.

3. Again create an invoice of the contract for newly changed end date(i.e. 20/07/17).


Navigate To: Service contract > History tab

In History tab, Renewal section we can see the start date and end date of the Renewed service contract. i.e. 21/07/17 to 20/08/17.

Data updated in the History tab

Data updated in the History tab

This way we can do the Renewation of the contracts.

Hope this helps.


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