How to Close/Open Mass purchase orders in one click by variance Quantity

By | October 26, 2017

This post shows how to close / open mass purchase orders in one click by variance quantity. Sage X3 provides the feature of closing the open Purchase Order with additional selection criteria on tolerance percentage for quantities received along with Site, Order date, Order number, Supplier, Product. In other words, Orders that are received will be automatically closed.

The function which provides this feature of Open and Close Mass Purchase Orders is “Close and Re-Open orders”.

  1. Navigate: Purchasing > Orders > Close and Re-Open Orders (Process name: FUNCLEAR).
  2. Enter the selection criteria as shown in screenshot below
    1. Enter Site
    2. Enter Order date
    3. Enter Order number
    4. Enter Supplier
    5. Enter Product

Note: these are optional filter criteria’s, however at least one criteria should be selected in order to process orders.

  1. Enter thetolerance quantity
    1. Tolerance quantity should be in percentage.
Close and Reopen orders screen

Fig.Close and Reopen orders screen

Note that if you want to close all the Purchase Orders that are only half received, then enter 50% in the tolerance quantity.

  1. Once you click on OK, you will visualize the below screen.
  2. The grid below contains the list of Purchase Orders, you need to just change its Processing value to Close and then click on OK to close open orders. Alternatively, you can also change its Processing value to Cancel, and then click on OK to re-open closed orders.

Close and Reopen orders selection screen

Fig. Close and Reopen orders selection screen

  1. For e.g., If there are 3 orders in which one order is fully received, another order is half received and the last one is only 35% received.
  2. Then with tolerance quantity criteria of 50%, first two orders will be listed for Open/Close changes but the last one will not be listed since it does not satisfy tolerance quantity criteria.
  3. So those contracts which do not match the 50% criteria will not be listed and will give the following error if any single order is selected.

Fig. orders selection screen

Purchase order screen

Fig. Purchase order screen

This is how users can close or open mass Purchase Orders in one click by Variance Quantity.

Hope this helps!

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