How to repeat a sub-string using Sage X3 keyword

By | October 30, 2017

You may come across where you wanna a repeat the word n times.

String$ is used to define a string , the result of repeating a sub- string or an ascii code.

If the number of characters in the result is more than 255, the string returned is truncated to 255 characters without generating an error.

If nb_char is null or if code_char is null or if sub_string is the empty string, the result returned by string$ is the empty string.

string$(nb_char, sub_string)
string$(nb_char, code_char)


ElementDescription    Restrictions
nb_charInteger numerical expression of the repeat factor of the characters or sub_string    nb_char   >=  0
sub_stringAlphanumeric expression that will be repeated     None
code_charInteger numerical expression corresponding to the ascii code of the character to be repeated.     0 <= code_char <=255


repeat a sub-string

Hope this blog  helps !


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