How to get the size of the keys

By | October 30, 2017

You may come across where you need to check the size of the keys. keylen determines the size of the keys (in number of bytes) for an open table.

Keylen is a variable table of the [G] class associated with a table declared by a File command.
The dimension of keylen is given by the [G]nbind variable (number of keys defined on the table). keylen contains the number of bytes used by each key of the corresponding table. This variable is only accessible in read mode.

Class, Type, and Dimension
Shortint [G:abv] keylen([G:abv]nbind)

# Display of the preferences of the BPCUSTOMER table, abbreviated BPC
Infbox “There are “-num$([G:BPC]nbzon)-“fields in the BPCUSTOMER table: ”
For I = 0 To [G:BPC]nbzon – 1
Infbox [G:BPC]adxfname(I)
Next I
Infbox “There are “-num$([G:BPC]nbind)-” indexes in the BPCUSTOMER table: ”
For I = 0 To [G:BPC]nbind – 1
Infbox [G:BPC]keyname(I)
[G:BPC]keyuniq(I) Case
When 0: Infbox “(with homonyms)”
When 1: Infbox “(without homonyms)”
When 2: Infbox “(multiple homonyms)”
Infbox “Length = “-num$([G:BPC]keylen(I))
Next I
Infbox “Total Record Size =”-num$([G:BPC]tairec)

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