How to attach Totals to Heading (Sage X3 People)

By | March 27, 2018

In our recent blog “”  we have discussed about Headings, Variables and Totals. Now we are going to see How to Attach Totals to Heading.


Totals are used to ensure that each heading has the correct effect on a payslip. Whether it is to increase or deduct or have no effect other than record keeping. Linking correct totals to a heading will be subject to your own scrutiny.

“Generally Totals are use to Store, Deduct or Sum the Amounts calculated as per the Heading.”

Navigate to: Setup → Payroll Plan → Headings → Amounts → Totals.

Totals to Heading in Sage X3

Fig. Attached Total To Heading

sage x3 totals to headings

Fig. RTZ(+,-)

+ Employee’s share:- To Add the Amounts in the Total calculated as per the Heading.

Employee’s share:- To Deduct the Amounts in the Total calculated as per the Heading.

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