Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit, Dubai 2019 – Empowering the Ecosystem

By | April 10, 2019

sage enterprise management partner summit

Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit – the largest worldwide gathering of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Partners, brought together for a unique and memorable experience has officially wrapped up. Dubai was painted green with three days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and inspirational discussions with industry leaders, Partners, influencers, from Sage Partner ecosystem sharing their ideas on various dimensions of business. The event was indeed remarkable providing attendees with in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Management product updates, insights and approach. Year – on – year Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit is gaining more momentum with the attendees crossing the mark of 400+ across 35 different countries who marked their presence in Dubai, UAE from April 2nd to 4th 2019. The theme for the event was “Drive To Thrive “and it majorly focused on Customer centric approach and Sage Vision & Strategy for Enterprise Management. While we learned about the product upgrades and highlights for Enterprise Management, Sage Foundation organized a 5k run during the event for endowment fund which witnessed active participation from Sage Partners and Sage Team, turning out to be one of the encouraging factors for them to donate in the 2 million $ by 2020 mission for social cause.

5K Run Partner Summit

Key Speakers | Sage Partner Summit 2019

8 great speakers in 1 great event – If you missed the chance to attend the event in Dubai this year don’t worry because we have a recap for you! The three days of Sage event provided the Partners from around the globe opportunity to connect with Sage Executives – Jennifer Warawa, Blair Crump, Ron McMurtrie, Mark Fairbrother, Robert Sinfield, and Fabrice Alonso, Pieter Bensch. This year the featured speaker for the event was John Barrows.

The impactful Sage session’s paved in the way of deliverables for Sage Enterprise Management in 2019.  We gained many valuable insights from this year’s featured speakers and events. Check out our favorite takeaways from the Sage Partner Summit.

  • Featured Speaker – John Barrows: Pervasive AI and Content vs Context

John Barrows – Professional sales trainer and consultant, shared the opening note of his session with an intriguing question to the Sage Partners, “What do you do that computers cannot do?” Further he added that, “AI is so pervasive that as individuals, we should really wrap our heads around this.” Barrows also spoke on the value that enterprises should drive for their customers and the role of context while speaking content that can drive revenue for businesses.

John Barrows

  • Jennifer Warawa: Sage Vision and Strategy

Jennifer Warawa – EVP, Partners, Accountants and Alliances Sage, gave the opening keynote on Sage Vision and Strategy towards implementing Sage Enterprise Management and the extended roadmap of Sage to the Partner community. She summarized customer success, innovation and transformation while officially launching v12 for Sage Enterprise Management. She emphasized that the launch of Enterprise Management v12 will help customers to rethink the way they connect products with processes.

Jennifer Warawa

  • Blair Crump: Sage Strategy Updates to Grow Through Partners

Blair Crump – President, Sage, explained how Sage Group PLC has evolved over the years to now be one of the leading SaaS company. Sage Group PLC has been listed in the Contender category in SaaS & cloud-enabled operations ERP Marketscape 2019 and recognized for Gartner product-centric ERP MQ. It has also been the 40+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 analysts since Feb 2019. Crump also elaborated on the fact that how the Middle East has emerged as one of the focus regions of growth for Sage. He concluded his session with the future plans and vision for Sage Group PLC.

 Blair Crump

  • Ron McMurtrie: Marketing is as Much Art as it is Science 

Ron McMurtrie – CMO, Sage, unveiled that the newest release of Enterprise Management will connect products and processes enabling customers to embrace speed at change. On the same terms Ron, explained that customers play an important role in any business with his slogan “Evolution drives a customer revolution”. He showed that Sage uses data to serve customers thus representing- Life as a Service or LaaS. He enlightened attendees on how personalization and education are new mantras of digital marketing and CXO marketing pillars.

Ron Macmurtrie

  • Mark Fairbrother: Open Source Technology

Mark Fairbrother – EVP, Product Engineering, Enterprise Management Suite, Sage, delivered a session on open source technology empowering Enterprise Management. He elaborated on the terms of Enterprise management usage and future goals.

Mark Fairbrother

  • Robert Sinfield: Innovation Designed for Exceptional Experience 

Robert Sinfield – VP, Product, Enterprise Management Suite, Sage, was proud to officially introduce the next major release of Sage Enterprise Management into the market. Further, he added that the new version of Enterprise Management will deliver innovation designed to deliver better experiences to customers of Sage solution users. Sinfield discussed business transformation and the changing needs of customers. He was excited to know how the new version of Enterprise Management will power this transformation.

Robert Sinfield

  • Fabrice Alonso: Insights Enterprise Management v12 

Fabrice Alonso- Product Management Director, Enterprise Management Sage, provided some great insights on the new functionality and technology that users will be able to experience in the latest version 12 of Sage Enterprise Management.

  • Pieter Bensch: Remarkable Story of Evolving Dubai

 Pieter Bensch- EVP, Africa and the Middle East, shared the wonder story of Dubai and Saudi Arabia. He also discussed the amazing business opportunity that awaits Sage in the region with Sage Partners.

Pieter Bensch

Apart from all the plethora of knowledge flowing from Sage Sessions, Meeting Centre and Genius Bar there were booths for Partners to meet and interact with each other and the Sage community while sharing their product information. Greytrix was the Gold Sponsor this year for the Sage Partner Summit.

Greytrix had a session on winning deals through a customer-centric approach and GreyPortal – B2B Self Service Customer/ Partner Portal in the Partner Summit. The GreyPortal developed by Greytrix serves the purpose of serving Customers by providing a user-friendly interface and additional functionalities like order history, invoices, credit memo, credit limit, etc. to its users. We also showcased our product Catch Weight, add- on developed by Greytrix for Enterprise Management, in the event at the theatre presentation which went houseful.

The event was a huge success like each year and made Sage Partners to rethink the way their businesses operate by making the best use of Sage technology. Sage released the next destination for the Partner Summit as Florida, Orlando, from 7th to 9th April 2020, where the event will be hosted. We are excited and look forward to the Sage Partner Summit in Florida next year to network and connect with our peers and Partner Ecosystem. See you soon!

Sage Summit

Summary of Day 1, 2, 3

Sage partner summit day 1
Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit Day 2

Summary of day 3About Us
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