Adding Progress billing in Project management

By | June 23, 2021

Project module which is completely new in v12 and many new features are been added in every new update. This Projects function is used to manage the elements often denominated under different terms: Business, Projects, and Opportunities. These translate to the same basic concept. Their objective is to manage the characteristics and stages in a sales cycle.

We can say this is the extension to “Projects” from Customer relation module in older versions of X3. This new module involves new elements along with older ones in “Project Management” such as financial status, revenues, assigned employees details etc

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A new invoicing process – Progress billing – has been introduced for companies working in a Project management context needing to bill a project according to its progress. Progress billing uses the estimated progress percentage or quantity tracked at the project level, budget level or task level for scheduled invoices to determine the amount to bill customers.

The Progress billing functionality is available from the Project management function (GESPJM). A new Progress billing check box identifies a project element where a billing plan can be defined. For those elements, if a sales order line is linked with a non-deliverable product, a billing plan can be created on the project level. Scheduled invoices associated with the sales order line are submitted according to the estimated progress status of the billing plan until the project is complete. The billing plan is available from the Progress billing icon in the General section > Customer block.

The scheduled invoices become invoiceable when the corresponding progress status is validated and ready to be invoiced, and when the invoice date is reached. Invoices are then generated manually or automatically which correspond to the progress percentage of a single, or a group of projects. It is important, therefore, that during the life of the project and spanning the billing periods, progress is calculated, adjusted, and validated for the project, budget, and the tasks. A new ESTBILINIT – Progress status percentage initialization parameter (TC chapter, PJM group) has been introduced to determine the source for the estimated progress status of the billing plan. This can be the estimated progress of the project, budget level or task level, or the next scheduled invoice.

Hope this blog helps you in tracking your project more efficiently.