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How to close a site in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) that is no longer in use

In your Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3), there can be sites that you may want to close down. The prominent reason for the closure of sites in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) can be because of the minimal usage. Closing a site in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) is a difficult process. To address… Read More »

How to Rename Menus in Favourites in Sage X3

New versions of Sage X3 provides many additional useful functions and features, unlike V6. New versions of Sage X3 provides a special feature for renaming your favorite menus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember X3 menu with it’s defined name. To overcome this, we can rename menus with easy names for quicker access. There is… Read More »

How to solve “WO status cannot be tracked” error message in Production tracking screen

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we find difficulty in searching of work order number in Sage X3. To solve this functionality:  Navigate to: Manufacturing → Planning → Work Order Path to Work Order Screen  Now check the work order number ‘WOZA0120195’ in the  Production Tracking Screen. Work Order Screen Now… Read More »

How to change/add Dimensions on Journal Entry

We may come across scenarios where we want to add/change dimensions on Journal Entry(Line level). By following below steps we can achieve this functionality. Navigate to Set-up →  Organizational Structure →  Ledgers Select a ledger for which you want to add dimension. Ledger Screen In CoA and dimension types section increase the No. Of dim.… Read More »

Learn. Innovate. Network. With Greytrix at Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit 2018

The Sage Group plc has been the driving force in delivering a unique platform for Partners, Resellers, and Business Builders to learn, network and innovate about Sage solutions every year. From summits to individual sessions, Sage has reached out the global audience showcasing out of the box solutions, optimizing your business with personalized tools, helping… Read More »

How to Merge Business Partners (BP) in Sage X3

Many a times, the user creates 2 similar business partners in Sage X3 instead of 1 business partner, this results in 2 separate entities in all the related inquiries or reports. In such cases, Sage X3 provides BP Merge functionality which allows two BP accounts to be merged together, which will automatically transfer all the… Read More »

How to filter out left list in Sage X3

You may come across the situation where you need to see only filtered transaction according to your criteria. Consider an example where we only need to see those customer BP invoice where currency exchange rate is 2, to do so we can go to advance selection. 1.1 Reference Screenshot In advance selection screen give the… Read More »

How to secure MongoDb in Sage X3

We may came across a scenario where we want to secure a mongodb service. We can achieve this functionality by using below steps: Uninstall mongodb re-install MongoDB with SSL certificate checkbox checked. This will generate “client.pem” file to secure MongoDB access. Re-install MongoDB service After re-installation of MongoDB, “Client.pem” file will generate in D:\Sage\Syracuse\syracuse\certs\mongodb(In… Read More »