Shortcut Keys in Sage X3

By | July 30, 2021

Combination of keys pressed to give a specific command are known as shortcut keys. Generally shortcut keys are combination of two or more than two keys. As everyone likes a quick way of getting things done, Sage X3 has introduced some shortcut keys to get things done quickly and also results in saving time for a user.

Below is the list of shortcut keys introduced by Sage X3 in version 12.

Shortcut keys:

ESC + N : To start new record.

ESC + B : To save the current record.

ESC + C : To create a record.

ESC + D : To delete a record.

ESC + E : To cancel modification.

ESC + ALT + U : To refresh the page.

ESC + ALT + C: To add comments.

ESC + ALT + A: To add attachment.

ESC + CTRL + P : To print a report (Record).

ESC + CTRL + L : To print a report (List).

ESC + ALT + CTRL + K : To open calculator.

ESC + L  or ESC + F12 : To display the selection list of a field (magnifying glass, calendar, dropdown list etc)

ESC + G + H : To jump on home screen of sage X3.

ESC + G + N : To open navigation bar of sage X3.

ESC + G + B : To add a bookmark

ESC + SHIFT + J : It selects the first record.

ESC + J : it select next record.

ESC + SHIFT + K : It selects the last record.

ESC + K : It select previous record.

ESC + 1 : Jump to 1st tab of a window.

ESC + 2 : Jump to 2nd tab of a window.

ESC + 3 : Jump to 4th tab of a window.

ESC + 4 : Jump to 5th tab of a window.

ESC + F1 : to get the field help.

ESC + DEL : To delete a line of a grid.

ESC + R : To expand or shrink the columns of grid.

ESC + F11 : To hide left panel.

ESC + T : selects current date in calendar.

Hence by practicing the above shortcut keys we can do thing in quick time and can save time.