Email Commission statement feature of Sales commission add on

By | August 30, 2021

As we informed in our previous blog that we have developed the Sales commission add on in sage X3. Sales commission module provides enhancement of existing commission feature of Sage X3 which helps in overcoming challenges as commission calculation, maintain commission statement, payment to sale rep etc.

To check information related to the sales commission add on you can follow below link.

Sage X3 Sales Commission add on

Today we are going to talk about the additional feature of sales commission add on i.e. Email sales commission statement directly to the respective sale rep through sales commission add on itself.

For any organization, sales play’s an important role in the success of the business. Sales representatives are the ones who generate the revenue for the organization and play a key role in the growth of business. As we know the sales commission module is developed to calculate the commission earn by sales representative.

In Sage X3, commission module provides enhancement of existing commission feature of Sage X3. It helps in overcoming challenges such as accuracy in sales commission calculation, timely payment to sales representatives and track of commissions of sales representatives. In additional we have added feature of sending the statement of sales representative to the respective sales rep through email so that each sales rep will get idea about the commission calculated for themselves.

Email commission statement feature allows to send an email with attached commission statement to individual sales person. We have developed this feature in such way that it will automatically send an email with the attached commission statement to sales reps using batch processes.

We have provided separate screen naming as “Email Commission Statement” you can see below screen shot for the same.

Email Commission Statement Screen
Email Commission Statement Screen

You can send the statement according to the date criteria, for individual sales rep or you can also select / filter multiple sales representative to send the statement.

Also, provided the Sort By option which will helps to sort statement according to the value select in the criteria.  There is also additional criteria provided as “Email sent for” like statement generate and sent for paid and unpaid commission or only for paid commission. There is a provision to send the copy of statement to other email id as on header level we have added additional email id filed where you can mention the email id to which user want to send the copy of statement.

Commission statement will be sent with attachment and in the below format.

Generated Report
Generated Report

This email commission statement will help to maintain the privacy of targets and all the commission calculation so that only respective sales rep can see the statement of his/her work. This statement is also contains the information of invoice number, customer number, paid commission for sales rep, adjusted commission etc.

This is how the greytrix sales commission module is contains the multiple features and email sales commission statement is one of them useful feature.