Sage X3 Sales Commission add on

By | July 27, 2021

As we all know that the sales commission is a key aspect of sales compensation. It’s the amount of money a salesperson earns based on the number of sales they have made.

Most businesses rely on manual procedures to calculate commissions which causes errors and delays in making the payments. Accuracy in sales commission calculation and timely payment to sales representatives are the challenges faced by many businesses.

We at Greytrix are introducing the Sales commission module / add on to overcome all this challenges.

With the Greytrix Sales Commissions module, Sage X3 users can setup commission calculations rules and automate commission calculations on sales transactions i.e. sales order and sales Invoice. The module simplifies commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and timely payment to sales representatives.  Basically we have develop this sales commission module in sage X3 application to automate the commission calculation on sales transactions. Also, many customer have their unique commission calculation so we have develop this add on which is more flexible and parameterized to fit the different commission calculations.

Advantage of using this module is:

  • Easy to setup commission rules on multiple criteria
  • Automate commission calculations on sales transactions
  • Accurately calculate and post commissions payment to sales representatives
  • Provision to email Commission Statement to respective sales persons.
  • Comprehensive commission reports and dashboards

The lovable thing of this module is a native application built using Sage X3 Platform Services itself so, user can use this module in sage X3 application.

Below are the key feature of sales commission module:

  • Native application:
  • Commission structures and rules:
  • Commission calculations and postings:
  • Reverse Commission:
  • Commission tracking:
  • Commission adjustments:
  • Commission payments:
  • Email Commission Statement :
  • Commission Reporting & Inquiries:
  • Dashboard