Sales Group and Ship-to-State Group code in Sales Commission Module

By | September 22, 2021

As we have said in our previous blogs that Greytrix has developed a Sales commission add on. This sales commission add on will helps in overcoming challenges such as accuracy in sales commission calculation, timely payment to sales representatives, track of commissions of sales representatives, etc.

This Sales Commission Module provides a feature of Sales Group and State Group codes. Ship-to-State group code will be screen where user can create state group code for the list of multiple states and Sales group code will be screen where multiple employees or sales representatives groups are created with commission ratio assigned for each one. Let’s see functionality of Sales group and Ship-to-state group screen.

Ship-to-State Group:

User will create Ship-to-State group code for the list of states. User can select number of states for which he wants to give same commission.

Navigate to:  All – > Commission – > Setup – > Ship-to-State Group


Ship to state group
Ship to state group

Ship-to-State group code is used in Commission rate setup screen where user can select different state group codes and can define same commission rate for same sates which is defined in state group. This will be useful to give same commission to selected number of states. Like Commission rate setup screen Ship-to-state group code is used in Sales target setup screen where user can setup target according to state groups.

Sales Group :

This will maintain different commission groups for sales person and group of sales person.

Navigate to: All – > Commission – > Setup – > Sales Group

Sales Group
Sales Group

This form offers you the opportunity for more user-defined fields to create your sales groups.  You have the pick from all Sales Reps to help you define your sales groups. In this screen you can also split the commission among the sales persons belong to the group. Sales groups are assigned to sales order and sales invoice which user wants to give commission. User can assign single or multiple sales person with split ratio. There is feature in sales group code for invoice commission if flag is checked  then this commission group will be used for invoice commissions else unchecked flag meant that this group is created for manual commission. User can create or assign sales commission group. In the case where you have assigned a Commission Group, to a Customer, which has not flagged this feature, you still have the ability to post Invoice Commission against this Customer by selecting another Commission Group on a line detail when posting an AR/ Sales Invoice.

Sales group screen consists of fields such as invoice commission, commission on, edit group on transaction on header level and on detail level it consists of fields such as employee type, sales rep along with name of sales rep and commission share. Let’s see the functionality of every field:

  • Sales group code and its description: User defined code or name given to sales group.
  • Invoice commission: If its flag is checked then that sales group will use in invoice commission else in manual commission.
  • Commission on: This field identifies that group will use for individual sales or sales manager target.
  • Edit group on transaction: If this flag is checked then user allows modification in sales group on transaction else restrict for the same.
  • Employee type: Employee type can be Sales Manager or Sales representative. If commission on sales manager target then one sales rep should be sales manager it is mandatory.
  • Sales rep and its name: Employee code and its name.
  • Commission Share : It is a split ratio among different sales reps.

This is how Ship-to-State group and Sales group works in sales commission module.